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Born in Havana Cuba and raised in North Bergen NJ Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz has quicklybecome one of the most sought after actors and comedians in the entertainmentindustry today. His love of storytelling is reflected in each role he takes: whether it is onfilm or on stage his passion for entertaining and delighting audiences shines throughevery performance. This winter Diaz can next be seen starring as ‘Mikey’ oppositeSylvester Stallone Robert De Niro Kevin Hart and Kim Basinger in the highlyanticipated feature film “Grudge Match” (Warner Bros.).Diaz’s start in comedy began while serving a short stint at a correctional facility inDenver CO in 1988. “Each Wednesday we would watch movies on the projector butsometimes it would break ” he shares “so I would get up and do stand up to fill thetime.” Learning he had the skills to make an audience laugh he pursued comedy afterhis release and began performing at an assortment of comedy clubs in the area. Whilehe was touring as a working comic he began acting in a variety television and filmroles. You may recognize him from his appearances in “The Mentalist” “Children’sHospital” “My Name is Earl” or “General Hospital” - to name a few. On the filmfront Diaz has held roles in “The Longest Yard” “Spider Man 2” “Smiley Face” and “Taxi” among others.

In 2013 Diaz continues to perform stand up and act while also staying on top of thenew media move in podcasting. Currently Diaz hosts his bi-weekly podcast “TheChurch of What’s Happening Now ” which ranks among some of the most highlydownloaded podcasts online. He is also a regular guest on Joe Rogan’s popularpodcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

On the comedy front Diaz continues to tour and perform at the biggest comedy clubs inthe country. His comedy specials in “The Testicle Testaments” have sold thousands ofdownloads and have even made it to the Billboard Top 100. Diaz’s raw style ofcomedy is highlighted on television with recurring sketch roles on “Stand Up Revolution”and “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Later this year Diaz will release his new DVD/CD special -which will surely top the charts once more.

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